College Admissions Essay: Growing Up In China

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Watching my parents work from dawn till sundown draws my attention on earning money. In the material life, money maintains our daily life. Likewise, economy plays an essential role in every aspect of our society. I see it as the bridge to communicate among nations. As time passes by I realize economics and accounting is the significant factor that can influence future decisions.
Being born and brought up in China, I can feel that the progress of the Chinese economy is incredible fast. In 2010, China surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world. The quality of citizens’ life improved significantly. All of these phenomena have sparked my curiosity on the importance of economy. My mother started teaching me how to manage money
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I was selected into the school athletics team from grade school to high school. There is a competition between schools every year in the city. As a competitor, I need to take part in the school training every day before the class begins and after school. Usually the school training starts at two to three months before the competition. It was very tough during the training period because we need to get up at 5am in the morning. Some students could not keep attending the training every day and even leave from the team but I stuck with it. It is an honor that I have the chance to win glory for my school. I always see it as a responsibility for me because the school selected me from hundreds of students, which means I have enough ability to win the glory. I gain experience after every race. For instance, the relay race is a sport that relates to the cooperation between players. The cooperation between the next teammate and me is extremely important for both of us. If I can pass the relay baton perfectly to my teammate, it will certainly help the whole team and also can help to enhance my teammate’s confidence. This kind of race makes me realize that a person has a stronger sense of teamwork can effectively help a team to achieve the
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