College Admissions Essay: How Important Is Religion To You?

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Part of religion’s appeal is that it offers security in an uncertain world. So not surprisingly, nations that report the highest rates of atheism tend to be those that provide their citizens with relatively high economic, political and existential stability. Over the past few years, Jordan Haslam has struggled to keep his head above the water as he dealt with the transition from teen pop star to independant adult. Now, the famous musician is finally coming up for air as he finally opens up in this exclusive interview.

What is Religion to you?
J: Well, Religion is a very intimate thing for me. That relationship you have with God is unlike any other. You can always count on him, he will never let you down. Me becoming more and more successful
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I always get dirty looks when I talk about my faith to other people. People get suprised when they hear I’m religous because they all have this idea that if you’re religous you’re not allowed to have fun. I believe that you can have a close relationship with God and have fun and go out with friends. But at this point in my career, my faith has gotten me to where I am. My faith has made me look at life from a new perspective. I love talking about my faith but I think that with some Christians they’re too pushy with religion. But I think that religion is slowly dying out. As the world gets more and more modernized, people start looking for God less. But there will always be people who will be religious so relgion might decrease in popularity but it will never die out all together. What are your views on other religions?
J: I personally don’t mind other religions. For me, religion is all about having someone to trust, talk to about your hardships and someone always being there for you. I have found that in God and if other people find that within their own religion I think that’s awesome. Do you think Religion looks down on
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