College Admissions Essay: How My Career Driven Community

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In order for oneself to develop, we have to process what is going on around us and adapt. Living in a community like San Bernardino where crime rates are high and financial benefits are low there's problems to fix all over. The emotional exhaustion of living in a city at war with itself comes through and I could not stand by and let my city be defined by crime. Becoming a mentor to incoming students in high school gave me an opportunity to help establish the mentality for future leaders and be able to give students hope to help develop a stronger career driven community. What inspired me to act was the hope I need myself when I was younger, I was not able to see the possibilities needed to create a career until I was given hope by endless of teachers.…show more content…
Creating mass change was the goal, to connect and create hope as a mentor and to be able to guide someone through the beginning of the most stressful and emotional years of their lives as a teenager, their high school years. That wasn't enough, I needed to root myself more into my community, I needed to see my city in a different perspective, from the inside. After receiving my internship with the Mayor of San Bernardino , I had finally received the needed job to know more about my community. Learning about where I live in, on a new spectrum opened my eyes at the progress my town has made through community events, reopening shops, and building new income opportunities. Both my jobs of working as a mentor and as an Intern showed me how to value my home and how to help it grow;from supporting my school to attending volunteer opportunities around town.I lay my foundation down and slowly I grow between the cracks of my city to make it whole once
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