College Admissions Essay: How Poverty Changed My Life

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I received a harsh truth: poverty is inevitable

Growing up, I never had the warm pleasures of bedtime stories; instead, I would hear about the unimaginable impoverishment my parents faced in their childhood. The immediate reality of poverty obscured their investment in their brighter futures; both were forced both to sell lottery tickets on the streets or trade vegetables for portions of meat: just to help sustain their families. Looking back at those nights, I can only be grateful. As one of the first in my family to attend college, I am piloting a new future, one where I hope to lift not only my family out of their struggles but also the community that has always supported me and global communities today.

My life is propelled from my education. While the daily facades of school walls try their best to dilute the distractions of reality, in my community, I see families sorting through clothing donation boxes and teenagers hanging around gas stations instead of school. Along with the wastes I see accumulate on the street sides, I see a more disturbing waste: the opportunities begotten from poverty that perpetuates my community's hardships.

From my years of leading my school as a member of Student Government Association (SGA), I have been involved in tackling issues related
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As the vice president of my Health Occupations Students of America club at my school, I have worked hard to expand the focus of medial outreach for my community. While the club is mainly focused on competitive events, I realized there was a lack of exposure in the medical aspects. Because of this, my club had expanded its purpose by revisiting what it means to be a physician and connecting to the community as we did when I lead my club in hosting a day at our local Space Coast Fair to boost emotional support for the elderly from assisted living
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