College Admissions Essay: How Technology Has Changed My Life

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The world I come from is full of oak trees and rain, warm cats on cold nights, and raucous college parties across the street. The sky over my home matches the grey in my eyes; the barbed wire fence around Lake Sequoyah is commemorated eternally by the disfiguration of my left hip. I have my father’s eyes, my mother’s feet, my best friend’s laugh, and my ninth grade English teacher’s writing style. My world is eight friends in a bed meant for two, the hidden tunnels of the mall, and semi-weekly trips to ogle gadgets at Best Buy. I am the person my world has shaped me to be, but I am also the person the world at large has made me. Widespread panic for Y2K made my father teach me more about system security than I ever wanted to know at the age of ten. I drooled the first time I saw a real G5, and put together my first circuit board when I was seven. Barring world disaster or a dramatic cult revival, technology is my future. The world has made clear its need for IT, for international networks, for computers the size of human cells, and my generation has responded. As fuzzy logic becomes more and more obsolete (in humans, at least), boolean values have come to rule all. Precision, accuracy, the Styrofoam cup holding your coffee, and the microprocessor in your toaster oven are all a product of infinitely many zeros and ones, a…show more content…
I come from a somewhat limited part of the world, and I was constantly afraid as a child that as I grew older my ambition would be quenched by the dairy industry or I’d spend a lifetime putting wilted lettuce on bacteria-ridden patties of dead cow. Luckily, this was not the case, and instead of killing my curiosity, the lack of worldly knowledge gave me a burning desire to find out all of the things I’d been missing. The limitations of my earlier world gave birth in a way to the endless expanses of everything
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