College Admissions Essay: How Will I Make A Living?

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How will I make a living? Every high school students have a hard time figuring out what major they want to go into once they enter college. It’s a hard decision to make. Most students have not even thought too much about it at the time they are getting ready to enter college. There is a lot that goes into deciding your major, such as the amount of money you would like to make, what kind of job environment do you want, what kind of hours you want, and many more! I think that job satisfaction is most important. If you are not happy with your job, then you will be miserable throughout your adulthood years. This is how I believe that all students should figure out what degree they want.
With me, I used what I concern most of my time with, too decide on what would make me happy once I
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I wanted to know what kind of job they had and how I could get it if I wish to pursue it in my later years. I decided to research what I would have to major in while i’m at college, to become an analyst. This ultimately brought me back to the sports management degree. This degree is described by the author in The Complete Guide to Careers In Sports Management, presented by, Sports Management Degrees, by saying “The highly competitive field of sports management provides sports minded people with a head for business opportunities for exciting careers in the world of athletics” (Par 1). This intrigued me to continue to research on this degree. The “sports-minded” part of that is what made me become most interested. I learned that many jobs and opportunities can come from this degree, such as becoming a coach, sports analyst, scouts, or a manager. All of these jobs keep me involved with the sport of basketball
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