College Admissions Essay: I Want To Pursue Engineering

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"The antigen then binds to the immunoglobulin E activating the fceRI receptors on the mast cells and basophils. These cells then release histamines into the blood system in response.” Wow, this happened to me all because of a nut? That’s what I thought when I looked up what anaphylaxis was for the first time. The event that sparked this curiosity also ignited my path through life. If it weren’t for that day I wouldn’t have the mindset that helped me realize my inquisitive, hands-on nature and my compassion made engineering the right profession for me.
I don’t remember much of this pivotal day, but I do remember sitting on the couch in an incredible fancy bathroom, while my eyes and throat were in the process of closing up, being completely
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Engineering has probably always been the right answer,but I wasn’t thinking about it until then. My dad is a mechanic so I’ve been around the world of cars my entire life. I have always asked my dad how and why certain parts did certain things and have been fascinated by the inner working of every little mechanism. After I helped my dad bleed the brakes on our car that had a leak in the brake line, he gave me a textbook they use in a beginning automotive repair course. I read that whole textbook learning as much a I could about what I was doing. I never realized that this interest in mechanics combined so well with my penchant for math and science till then, which ultimately led to my interest in engineering. It wasn’t just this interest that made me decide engineering was right for me. I wanted to help people through something I was good at. Since I was about ten I’ve helped take care of my grandmother and after that my grandfather, and it became a big part of my life. I truly did love helping them and being able to make their lives easier. I loved it so much in fact, in my junior year I started volunteering at an assisted living community. Engineering allows me to funnel this compassion of helping others into my work through a subject matter I
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