College Admissions Essay-Ignorance Is Not Bliss

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Ignorance is Not Bliss Being chained from ignorance can cause devastating effect on a person’s life. In reality, most people do not want to believe in the truth but prefer to blind themselves from what is occurring around the world. Being ignorant is the back bone of prejudices and bias. Many individuals are chained to the wall of ignorance. It might be because of self-preference or cultural influence. Many are fearful of change because of what they might not understand or the refusal to understand one’s culture. United States is cultivated as one of the most diverse countries in the world. Due to this melting pot, there are numerous multicultural ideas, religion, cultural values and sexuality. Every individual must have a sense of self-identity …show more content…

In my college years, I started to realize that my perception of normality was not the same as everyone else. I’ve learn that people have their own way of lifestyle. Also, that the word “normal” is defined in several ways and not everyone has the same definition for it. Normative is a wide factor that includes many different variables to different people. What made me become more aware of homosexuality was the time I began to expand my social surroundings. In the environment I grew up in, there was a strict stigma towards homosexuals. I felt the pressure to believe in what everyone else around me believed in because I did not want to be considered as an outsider. Inclusion was important to me because feeling a part of a social group was crucial. It wasn’t until I began to stop caring about what my friends and family’s ideology about heterosexual marriage was when I broke free from my chain. The time I started my higher education career was time I met new people that changed my perception on diversity. I had the pleasure to met many people from different culture, religion, color, and sexual orientation. Acceptance for myself to be who I want to be became clear. My view of the world was changing. I was bided to the chain of ignorance because I lacked motivation to seek for the truth in the world around me. Through my college education, I met many homosexual individuals that influence my life. Majority of the time I discovered many commonalties I had with these individuals regardless of our sexual orientation. Although, the stereotype of homosexual does persist, it did not stop me from being open minded. I was ignorant before because I lack perception of homosexuals as normal individuals. I judge them as a whole because of what I have learned through my family’s cultural values, beliefs and

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