College Admissions Essay: Imagination And Creativity

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Computer science is the key to the lock of a caged door that holds in my imagination and creativity. After breezing through elementary and middle school, I advanced to a point in life where I realized that I sought after being challenged with tasks such as while I am programming. After moving across continents from Turkey to the US, I was quickly labeled as advanced due to the fact that I was able to learn how to speak English in under 6 months and my ability in mathematics. Granted that I enjoyed the praise and respect from other students in my class, I always felt turned off from school. After receiving placement in the honor roll numerous times, I started to develop a belief that high school would also be laid-back. The first two years of high school had their ups and downs…show more content…
Although the programs were not easy, I could let loose and let my imagination in addition to my creativity take control of myself. Throughout my high school years, I have gone through some challenges such as depression among others, but they were never the types of challenges that I was provoked by until it came to the task being computer science. Computer science caused me to struggle while enjoying it at the same time; Subsequently, I was able to program the way my heart desired to program. All throughout my earlier life, I was always told how to complete tasks such as with math, English, even down to the manner of coloring; Nevertheless, computer science was different as I could develop a program in a million different ways with a million different lines of code. In a way, programming granted me the freedom that I had secretly sought after without even realizing that I sought after it myself. Computer science allows me to let loose and be myself, which is the reason that I want to become a software engineer after I graduate from
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