College Admissions Essay: Junior Year In High School

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Junior year, perhaps the most important year in highschool, aside from senior year. It's the period in which your suppose to feel the most relaxed social wise as you by now have established a group a friends and get comfortable branching out with all of yours peers, It is also the year in which your academics matter the most. In other words the most stressful and difficult year yet. All these expectations of this year have definitely been a reality to me. I'm definitely not stressing out on what crowd I belong to and who I should and shouldn’t hang out with. I have definitely felt the pressure of all my classes and having to keep up with all of them. From my two AP classes to taking a third year of chinese. I have tried to seek out more opportunities that will set me apart from other students as colleges look for the individual when alling. In my efforts of that I took part in the Los Angeles World Affairs Council meeting with the California senator , Adam Schiff in which I grew both as global…show more content…
For example, before the meeting I had no idea in the actions that certain pros proposed and the trick that many of them pose. Many of the times legislation is written in a manner that is very confusing for voter and cause many of them to support things they may not have wanted to support. An example that I used in my question was prop 51 over gay marriage and all the commotion that came with it. I found this to be a real problem because I will soon be a able to vote and sio I want to know exactly what I'm supporting. This meeting brought me to recognize the issues that are all around us that I didn't care t o pay attention to. I can now say that this experience has brought me to grow as a global citizen as I’m now more aware of occurring events and i have grown in the way I communicate with others as i now know what goes into formal
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