College Admissions Essay-Lack Of Public Education

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When I graduated, I found myself reading more often than I had in years. Why was it that I only began to educate myself after leaving high school? Admittedly, it probably started with me blaming my teachers for my lack of engagement—so why that, then? It was a way to support my then-dogma that school was little more than compulsory attendance to irrelevant classes and associating with the sort of people whose primary news source is Twitter. As I matured politically and intellectually, I began to realize that I was hopelessly misguided; public education has terrific potential but suffers from terrible execution. The generations that come after mine each deserve better opportunities than the last. They deserve to be unfettered, fairly treated and without disadvantage in pursuit of their ambitions. Deeply ingrained prejudice has historically prevented true equality from being achieved—but principle alone has never proved an effective motivator. If not for the right reasons, then for greed; automation, population…show more content…
To those who ask how education could possibly accomplish what decades of conflict could not, I say remember that there is no enmity significant enough to overpower enlightenment—the heart of fear is ignorance. Education must become the highest priority of government if we are to reap its tremendous dividends. There will be a marked reduction in crime when new opportunities replace old. The alleviation of poverty begins with the end of financial illiteracy, coming through proactive education. Perhaps the most immense is the profound unity that forms when students realize the importance of having a vision—without a vision, progress appears aimless. Equipped with education and a vision, cooler heads and open minds will
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