College Admissions Essay: Living With Me

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Don’t worry about it; I’ve been a roommate all my life! From the time I was born, I was sharing a bedroom with my older sister, but in case I haven’t gotten you convinced yet of how qualified I am, I’ll tell you all you need to know about living with me. I hope that we’ll have something in common!

Firstly, I absolutely adore minimalism. It brings me great joy to see an almost bare room. However, it’s okay if you aren’t tidy. My sister is not too big on minimalism, but we get along fine.

Another thing worth noting is that I don’t really enjoy listening to music while studying because I find that it messes with my concentration. However, when I do listen, I enjoy some alternative rock, which my bus driver introduced me to just last year.

For my hobbies, I like to draw. I was
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As someone who hasn’t traveled that much, I was in awe when I first stepped into the third largest library in Pittsburgh, so I can only imagine what being in the first largest will be like.

Besides being excited to visit new places as a university student, I also look forward to being more involved. I have mostly lived in quiet suburbs in my life. Being in college, especially in a college in a city, will allow me to be active. Trying to start movements at high school has been tough, but college students have less issues with stuff like transportation since many live on campus. I would like to be able to actually join a sport. For sure, I won’t be great, but it would be nice to do some club cross country to better my physical condition while I better my mental condition at class.

Besides being able to deeply immerse myself in subjects that are not really offered in high school, like philosophy and astronomy, I most look forward to meeting new people, including you! As part of a graduating class of 184 people, it would be nice to get out there and get to know other people my age from different walks of
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