College Admissions Essay-Mistakes And Guilty Conscience

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Mistakes and Guilty Conscience Mistakes is something every kid can not dodge easily. Once you get caught there is no way out of it. As a kid, you can only hope to get away without being punished. If you were lucky in my household, you would get scolded then it was waved off. Although the guilt will always be there. It was as if something was always tearing inside of you. Forcing you to remember every last detail about the problem. If it was not resolved, you could not sleep at night. But that is where the saying “you learn from your mistakes” come into play. It was a bright, sunny day. Kids came spewing out of houses like bugs. I remember that day, it was so perfect as if nothing could go wrong. I knew it was going to be an exciting and exhilarating day. Coincidentally, there was a birthday party. One of my closest friend is holding a party filled with delicious food and joyful smiles. The house was decorated with streamer and balloons. Balloons of every color imaginable. As the smell of BBQ wafted around the neighborhood , laughter was heard all around. There was even a little kiddie pool crowded with toddlers and teenagers trying to splash each other. My best…show more content…
I saw this big silhouette through the blinds and I was starting to get scared. This guilty feeling crept up unknowingly as I opened the door. I knew it was him. It was Lillian’s overprotective dad. He started to yell at me for the contents on that note. That same note had caused Lillian to fall because the wheels were stuck when she was trying to ride it. That night I had received the worst punishment of my life. My mom had accidentally out of rage hit me. But that sting didn’t hurt as much as the shame I had brought upon my family. This was the day everything changed. My whole world was thrown into chaos because of the action that I had took. I knew that for the rest of my life something like that would never happen. I would never let it occur
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