College Admissions Essay: More Than Just A Teacher

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More Than Just A Teacher Have you ever had a teacher go above and beyond the call of duty? Not just the lesson of the day did you learn but a life lesson? To give you more confidence than what she has? I had her. And I am very fortunate to have someone like that in my life. She was the hero in my eyes. Even though she was a language arts teacher she taught me nobody is perfect. I was a quiet, and still am, leader. But when it came up to speaking in front of people, I was a mouse, still and silent. Since she is a reading teacher, it’s almost impossible to not teach about the love for books, and so I became almost immediately drawn into the excitement of reading. Just like the Hannah Montana song, Mrs. Raney taught me nobody is perfect. Before I was in her class I would always think that I was a mess up and everybody is doing better things than me. But with Mrs. Raney, she would own up to her imperfections. She would even make jokes about them! That was one of the things that I most admired about her. I have never had a teacher…show more content…
I love when we had reading Monday’s because then I had the whole hour to dive into my book. At the beginning of every reading day, we would share book titles that we just read and loved. Sharing book titles made me want to read even more because I wanted to give her a good book to read. Every book title that she gave me was really good, which made me really excited to read what she showed me. Mrs. Raney not only taught me the lesson of the day but she also taught me life lessons. By this she taught me nobody is perfect, to come out of my shell and bring my inner leader out, and lastly made me excited to have a book in my hands and read. Mrs. Raney had a life-long impact on me and she doesn’t even know that she does. She thought she just taught me how to diagram sentences, but really what she taught me was to come out of my shell and be the confident me that I should
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