College Admissions Essay: Moving To A New Culture

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Moving to a new country, a new culture, and a new society after 18 years of living in my small hometown was really tricky, especially for a teenager who just got out of high school. Leaving my home and friends, changing my routine and letting go of the simple, insignificant daily things that I used to do over and over again is surprisingly heartbreaking. You see, I was born and raised in Jordan and have lived there for about 18 years before moving here to Chicago. When I first started college here at Moraine Valley, I was a bit scared that I might not be able to fit in with the students or get used to this new culture. I was not a complete ignorant of American culture since I watched a lot of American TV back home, so I did not really experience …show more content…

As we all know, women make up half of our society, and the other half is raised by a woman. Women need more educational empowerment because our achievements can have ripple effects within the family and across generations. My family has always encouraged me to pursue an education and to excel at it. Every member of my family has had the chance to go to college, most of them even graduating with a PhD. It is my goal and aspiration to be a good and well-educated person. During my third semester, I was very happy to receive a letter congratulating me on my academical achievements and stating that I earned a spot on the Dean’s list. On that same semester, I joined the Arab Student Union, which is a club whose aim is to unite and serve the Arab community on college campuses. We are committed to promoting Arab heritage, thus adding to the campus diversity while increasing public awareness about Arabs. Also, one of our achievements was to raise money for the Arab American Academic Excellence scholarship by doing a falafel sale. I proudly had the opportunity to raise a lot of money during the sale for our organization. The Arab Student Union is like a big family; we all nurture, support, and take care of one another. I had the pleasure of working with positive people who wanted to make a difference and do something meaningful with their

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