College Admissions Essay: My Differences In History Class

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I never gave U.S. history much thought – a first generation American Ukrainian, my grandparents and their offspring made a point of emphasizing the Soviet Union’s and Russia’s side of history. My adolescent life was dominated by first-hand accounts of memories of communism/socialism, the Great Depression, WW1 and WW2 terrors and the aftermaths’ deprivations ranging from remembered facts, their schooling, and a litany of desired truths, fabrications, and nationalistic tales. America’s stories paled in any comparison, said the countless immigrants who had sacrificed everything to live here. The American presidential election and your history class made me realize I am not as interested in what influences history as I am about how it gives meaning across temporal and geographic boundaries. Politics made me aware of…show more content…
I transformed my academic efforts and made a concerted effort to read more, enrolled in a CUNY public speaking class for college credit, trained as a tutor, won a spot in the Yale Daily News Journalism class which resulted in an independent online newspaper’s offer to be a freelance European sports writer. I have you to thank for being the impetus for my becoming a completely different writer than September of junior year. My senior year I have shifted my concentration to acquiring practical experience using what I have studied to see where I would like to make positive differences in the community and yet accomplish my ultimate underlying goal of eventually becoming a philanthropist. Even if not to the degree of the Gates, I want to leave this earth, having contributed to the level of the Rockefellers, not with the legacy of a Steve Jobs. My college education will be used to continue my unpredictable personal life, which I am just beginning to plot. I promise my existence will conclude with my continually striving to make the world a better
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