College Admissions Essay: My Goals For Math

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My goals for math is year are to get a good challenge, to do my best, and try my harderst. I want to succeed and do my best in this class of honors math. I wish to be on time, do my work effiently and transition through subjects easily and gracfully. I want to learn different new things in algrabra and in math. One of my goals in math this year, is to get a good challenge. I want to learn to do new things that challenge me, so I can learn to do better in math. Math is a subject which include difficult equations and problems. They can be a stuggle to solve, but once you start practicing more and more you will get better at it. Math is a great challenge, and I hope to get a great challenge this year, which I will eventully be able to solve with more and more practice.…show more content…
I don’t want to slack in trying my hardest this year in math. I will try my hardest in every assignment, and I will finish eachquestion,equation and problem to my highest ability. I will fail to succeed as much as I can this year. Math is a very difficult subject if you slack, but if you try as best as you can and never fail to deliver you work as best as you can get it. Everyone who try will always ge
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