College Admissions Essay: My Junior Year Of High School

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My junior year of high school felt cursed. It was a slow year full of disappointment and loss, leaving me in a dark abyss of self-loathing and loneliness. Like any other teenager, my parents argue a lot. Like any other teenager, they place me in the middle. One day it’d be “I’m still with them because we need to raise you.” the next day it’d be “I would be happy if I didn’t still have to take care of you.” It felt like a petty reason to be sad, but those words always made me feel that my existence was a burden- they've made me wonder if things would be better if I just ceased to exist. That disposition grew with the year; I no longer could deal with the extended hours and efforts that came with being in the band program or even focus on school work. Then, my cousin passed away. Not too soon after, my uncle passed as well. Within the next two months, my other uncle also passed on. This was the climax of my descent into depression, and it felt like my life was caving in. I quit all of my extra-curricular activities, I cut off all of my friends, and I let my grades drop.…show more content…
I began seeing a psychologist who helped me put myself back in order; I started fixing my grades, shortened the twelve to fifteen-hour school days down to the regular eight, and began opening up to people again. This challenge affected me in more ways than one- mentally, physically, it even dropped my GPA by quite a few points; I got through it by embracing it, understanding it, and fighting it. The way I handled this taught me that I can always go to or accept help when I need it- because it’s okay to struggle, but it’s not okay to let it restrain
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