College Admissions Essay: My Life As A Brain Surgeon

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I have had my whole life planned since the third grade. I was going to be Brain Surgeon, save people, make money, life's two most important things. But as time progressed that future career morphed from being a brain surgeon to a teacher to a lawyer and et cetera, et cetera. Senior year came and I was dead set on being an environmental lawyer. I did it all, applied to colleges, got accepted, and even enrolled. All summer I was thrilled to begin my next four years. I arrived to my college on Freshman Orientation day and the moment I stepped onto that campus, I realized I was not ready. All of these kids, the excitement in their eyes, the constant chatter of, “I’m studying this…” “I’m double majoring…”, they wanted to be there, yet I was counting down the minutes to when I could go to my car and make the 3 hour trek home.…show more content…
I had no idea. That moment I knew I needed time for myself. I needed to take a minute and re-evaluate who I am as a person and what I really want in life. Calling my parents and explaining this realization, we decided a gap year wasn't a bad idea. Kids did it all the time, yes it wasn’t convenient, but it’s what I needed. So far this gap year I have realized there is so much out there that I want to explore and understand. There are career fields I haven't even been exposed to yet that might peak my interest. I'm taking this year to look at myself and understand what I want. So far I've found passion in criminal justice. Through working with a local anti human sex trafficking organization, I have found that fighting this worldwide epidemic is something that peaks my interest and that I can see myself doing for a long, long
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