College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Computers

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My passion for computers stems from when I was first introduced to the operating system known as Windows Vista. At this time I knew the bare minimum of how technology worked and my curiosity took over. With my laptop I entered into the labyrinth of the tech world. I learned and practiced various branches of the tech world, my main focuses being networking, operating systems, and programing.

Throughout high school, I have had many opportunities to prove my skills and acquire new ones. During my Sophomore year, a few friends and myself worked together on a science fair project to create an instant messaging system. I spent weeks at the beginning of the project learning how to code in Java. In tose long drawn out weeks I worked both day and night figuring out the syntax and functions on the new language. This world of code was mind boggling, I had never expected the under belly of simple programs to be so difficult. I later learned the long running joke in the coding community that every time one attempts to fix one bug three more appear. The bugs seem exponential and it pushed to the point of wanting to give up on the whole endeavor; however, I persevered. Not but the weekend before the due date I finished the program. At the local science fair our hard
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I no longer look at problems as impossible feats, rather as an obstacle of a not well maintained road. The systematic way of thinking coding helps me make rational decisions on difficult topics. It also taught me how to step back and look at the individual steps of a problem instead of just one long impossible step. By far the most important lesson I have learned is time management, in the tech world, the many deadlines leave many dead. The overwhelming tasks needed done in short time frames scare many out of the field. If I was to not learn incredible time management skills then would not fail but never get into the Technology field in the first
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