College Admissions Essay: My Passion In Drawing

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I would not feel any kind of exhaustion or boredom sitting there all day and doing only one thing. The simple movements of moving my pen back and forth has created a still point for me in this spinning world.

Though I only started my professional training not very long, drawing, is a not only a form of relaxation, but also, it has become a passion. Every technique I have mastered has driven me to draw more. At the very beginning of practicing alone, perspective illustration was the first obstacle that I needed to conquer. What I had on my canvas was not near realistic at all when I did sketch of display for objects. I searched all over the internet for instruction only to realize that the only way to get rid of my immature skill was more practice and much more practice. After repeatedly modifying, mass rubber crumbs and pencil leads, perspective painting was not my formidable enemy anymore. Since then, I started to march into the fields of watercolor, Gouache and oil painting.
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Growing up in Kunming, Yunnan Province of China, a city famous for Chinese Garden Art, I constantly immersed myself into the beautiful landscape and marveled how much I wish just a blink of my eye could save the view. With this thought in my heart, I picked up my pen and hoped to depict what I saw and what was created in my brain.

When travelling, instead of taking photos of the beautiful sceneries, I shifted some of my focus on my sketch book to record what presented in front of me. Moreover, through the photos I took, I could observe the details of nature and also artificial landscape. I was amazed how my interest in drawing and my habits of perceiving my surrounding environment could be the perfect combination of pursuing a studying in Landscape Architecture. Using what I depicted to actually create a piece of design in this world is nothing but pure
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