College Admissions Essay: My Path To Determination

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Former baseball player Tommy Lasorda once said, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” The journey of our life is full of winding paths and concrete obstacles whose sole goal is to slow us down, and to attempt to block us from reaching our ultimate goal in life, whatever that may be. These barriers are there for several different reasons, whether it be mental or physical. Sometimes these obstacles are motivated by fear, other times they exist simply because we have to make a decision, and that decision can be life changing. But through our determination, and through our perseverance, we can achieve what these barriers told us was impossible, and can pursue the path in our life that leads us to our ultimate self. Throughout my life, I have had thousands of barriers stand in my path. And the only way I was able to defeat them was through conquering my fears, and breaking my limits in order to achieve excellence. All through my JROTC career, I have had to break down barriers of fear and nerves. Starting my freshman year, the fear of public speaking was an obstacle sitting in my path to become a leader. I would always maintain silence during a meeting, and would never dare to voice my opinion in front of a crowd. However, as I continued to rise in my leadership positions, I grew more self-confident. I…show more content…
They challenged my capabilities, and made me overcome some of my worst fears. Excellence can come from breaking barriers, but it can also come from just chipping those barriers, or even nudging them. My four years in JROTC has taught me that as long as you are making progress towards your dreams, you are striving in excellence and self dedication. And even though your path may get rough, and have more obstacles in the way than ever before, I have learned to never give up hope and to continue to strive in motivation and
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