College Admissions Essay: My Philosophy Of Education

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My philosophy of education started when I was young as a result of my experiences in school, and my mom being a teacher. I was not a dedicated, or motivated, student, I wanted to have nothing to do with school, I just went to get school over with and to move on to the next grade. My mom is a special education teacher at an elementary school. To me my mom is my biggest inspiration why I want to be a teacher, her philosophy opened my eyes up to what teachers can do to kids. My mom has all these notes from her past kids that they gave her throughout her years of teaching and I have read some. It's just so inspirational to see the impact she had on their lives. Education is like the ocean, usually calm and filled with plenty of creatures, as schools…show more content…
The first of the three is metaphysics which is based off what is real? My mom believes what is real has a certain amount to do with pathos, some emotion towards it. I agree with that, to a certain degree, but facts and science that prove something right are above all in my eyes. I believe that science and facts are a way to seeing God’s intertwine in creation. The best teacher I have had was in high school his name was Dirk Jasperse, he was a science teacher and even though science and facts are not known for being religious he made them. He said, “everything that has been done has been under God's knowledge, he knows everything that will happen”. My teachers had a great influence on me, even my math teacher in high school said that numbers and knowledge came from God, to understand his beautiful creation. This strongly influenced me and what I wanted to do which is teach and help kids grow with God and academically. Also, have a pragmatist view of experience helps to know what is real. What is real, is what the facts show and the emotion put into whatever it may…show more content…
The way I view what is true is on the pragmatist side, of if it works it is true. I believe this because God will only guide us on our path and show us the right and true path. We might not always pick the right way, but we are given that choice and God wants us to pick what works which is God's truth. I am not a fan of John Dewey because he says “there is no God”, but I do agree that truth is what works. This is because God only lets us choose what works. For example, math and science if the equations match up and have an answer then I say it is true. There are universal truths Plato says, and I agree with that. There are universal truths for example 2+3=5, that is a truth everyone will agree with. I would teach them universal truths, but that they can believe what they want is true. They need their foundations than letting them explore and find out what they believe is
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