College Admissions Essay: Occupational Therapy

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“Broken crayons still color,” is my all-time favorite quote. Throughout everyone’s life, there has been situations where they have felt broken or second guessed whether they could keep going. Everyone deserves to overcome any limitation or barrier restraining them from reaching their fullest potential. Being an Occupational Therapist means being patient, open-minded, and optimistic. People tend to take things for granted as they get so wrapped up in their surroundings and in the people around then. We all should take a step back and imagine how different our lives would be if we couldn’t eat independently, get dressed without help, or even bathe alone. My grandmother, who raised my sisters and I, has endured multiple strokes. Before, she has…show more content…
I have shadowed in-patient rehabilitation, adolescent rehabilitation, and intellectual disabilities. I really enjoy getting to interact with children. The adolescent client would have to be my favorite place I have shadowed thus far, just because the whole atmosphere feels like one big playground. With Dr. Dickson and Assistant Angie at Ascent Children’s Services, I was able to examine typical goals that were set and the amount of variation in time it can take to master these goals. I witnessed different coping techniques used for the children with specific disorders and was introduced to the levels of severity in each disability. Shadowing with in-patient rehab, I witnessed appropriate exercises for geriatric care and post-operation therapy. Some of the exercises used involved hand exercises using silly putty, playing bingo, folding towels, zipping coats, and tying shoes. Overall I have learned the exercises you are able to use in therapy are endless. You have the ability to create exercises based on the specific needs and interests of the patient to keep them engaged and motivated and I absolutely love
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