College Admissions Essay: Once We Got To Indiana

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When I was 13 i moved from Decatur Il to the city capitol of Indiana (Indianapolis) hoping to get a better life in education and sports.All my life i dreamed of me going to a big college and becoming a professional basketball player later on in my life.My mother told me it will be a lest likely chance you will become a pro basketball player in a city we used to live in due to our “reputation”. Once We Got To Indiana I was sad but i was excited at the same time,Thoughts ran through my mind like “are the students are going to like me”?,”Will i become an outcast”?. I went to this private school in the central of the city named Lincoln Jr High. Once i got there i was focused on my grades and basketball that’s all i thought about. Once basketball tryouts began i reported to the gym…show more content…
The next day I made all my shots and layups i even dunked. The coach was impressed and he said to me you”ve made my team. I was very excited But, the people that made the team didn’t seem and even made negative remark towards me said i am not a “basketball player”, “you cannot play”,I didn't listen to them and continued to play the game.My coach, fans, and students realize the conflict between me and the other teammates during games and practices. Within The week of me being on the team the coach held a personal meeting me with me and the other teammates. The coach lectured the other teammates saying it’s not right how you don’t accept me as a basketball player how would you feel if you was in his shoes.After the lecture from my coach The players started realizing i am worth something and welcomed me in open arms but i didn't received there welcoming.I didn't have chemistry with my teammates during the whole season but i was cordial with them i was there if they really needed me . The only person that i had chemistry with was my coach he never doubted me and he seen potential in me from tryouts to the end of the season which all that counts in my
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