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College Admissions Essay If someone asked me where I am going to be in ten years, this would be my answer. I will have a great, high-paying job, and beautiful wife and family, and a nice sports car parked in front of my lovely house. When I look into the future, I see myself being successful and happy. Even though I always pictured myself this way, I never worried too much about how I would get there. I feel the Suffolk University can lay the groundwork for making these dreams into reality.

Regretfully, when I entered high school I did not realize how hard I had to work to get what I wanted. I went to my classes, did my work, but never really pushed myself to my full abilities. I thought that as long as I graduated with decent grades I
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This was all that I needed, a college who wanted me as a student. My search was over. I was accepted and have been at Eastern Nazarene College since. I have pushed myself to my true ability and have improved my grades tremendously since high school, proving to others and myself that I really do have what it takes to be successful.

I feel that Eastern Nazarene College has been a stepping-stone for me. It has helped be to become a much more conscientious student, but it is time for me to move on. I need a place where I can continue to grow as a student, and somewhere where I can find many different kinds of opportunities. I feel that Suffolk University is the place that will help me attain the educational and professional goals that I have set for myself. I have strived to become the student I am today, and believe I can only get better with the help of the Suffolk community.

I am currently unsure about what I want to major in. Ever since I was little, I wanted to become a Veterinarian. But as the time came to decide this, I have gotten cold feet.
I do not want to put all my energy into that field, and then end up changing my mind about it. I have always been interested in the field of science, but have not pinpointed exactly what I want to pursue. I think it would be in my best interest to focus on a broader area of science, and then decide exactly what I want to do, after I learn more about the
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