College Admissions Essay: Past, Present, And Future

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Past to Present
I have been raised on the edge of a small village called Coloma, Wisconsin. Each day, I would wake up to corn fields, pine trees, and a lovely swamp, where you are able to hear frogs all day long in the summer. Just picture the ideal country life and that is where I grew up. I have a strong country backbone, and I am proud of it. It has taught me to work hard at everything I do. “You’ll get out what you put into it,” is a saying of my mother’s that explains my life in my academics and involvement in the community. I always strive for excellence in my academic career; no matter how small or large the task is. I am a studious, hard-working student with my future always on my mind. Being a first generation college student, I had to stumble through the college process on my own. Throughout my stumbling, I was able to find my
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For this reason, I always thought I would become a teacher to help students. However, during my high school years, I enrolled in a variety of business classes that really caught my interest. From there, I knew I wanted to pursue a career path in business. As I enrolled in Lakeland College, I noticed they offered a major in Hospitality Management. I knew that hospitality was the perfect area of study for me because I will still be able to help people and practice business. Along with this major, I will be receiving my second major in Spanish. I have been taking Spanish classes since middle school, and I have fell in love with the varieties of Spanish cultures and the intricacy of the language. I will be able to complete my Spanish major this coming summer with an extensive study abroad program in Costa Rica throughout the months of June and July. In addition to my outstanding work inside of the class, I have a strong focus on community through my involvement in Habitat for Humanity and other smaller community service projects throughout my involvement in campus
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