College Admissions Essay-Personal Narcission

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After entering the canyon, I saw the light slowly fade as I further immersed myself into this endless waterway. My only company was the sound of the steady, rippling water, and the quiet voices of my friends nearby. I stretched my hand toward the dank, rough wall to get some assurance. As I did so, pebbles from the crumbling structure fell into the water. I felt the cracks in the sandstone that the water had sculpted after years of erosion. My feet slipped over the rocks on the bottom and I sank into the water. The water climbed to my shoulders and the light faded into pure darkness. I felt my heart rate intensify just before I turned a sharp corner. My eyes widened as I saw the first light since I had entered the cave. Three distinct rays of sun slipped through the rocks above and filled the canyon, illuminating the bright orange color of…show more content…
The Earth. This wonderful, crazy, little place we call home filled with so much life. Our world, our cities, our parks, our schools, and even this canyon is one small part of what inspires me every day. After 12 years of school, I can say that the most important lesson I have learned is to be passionate. To find what I love and pursue it. I have seen passion transforms countries, lives, and the future. In this case, this canyon was my teacher. It taught me to focus on the good in life. After turning the corner and seeing the light, I could have focused on the freezing water and my blue, numb fingers, but instead, I focused on the beauty. Because of that, the cold slipped away and the light took over. This canyon, in particular, acted as a catalyst for me to become more curious and to set my eyes on new things, and even new passions. To let me wander, and find another “canyon.” I hope to take this inspiration with me through my college adventure and share it with others. Inspiration is everywhere and I am excited for life and all the little adventures that come with
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