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For the first time in our small rowing club’s history, we made it to the finals in what was our biggest regatta of the season. Unfortunately, our boat came in dead a lot. We felt bad enough, but the last thing I expected was the outburst by one of the veterans. Having only a few months of rowing experience, I assumed his yelling at us was directed at me and my novice teammates. The scenario of confronting him was running through my head. By the time we stacked the boat back on the trailer, the thoughts myriad of thoughts through my mind were spoken. I spoke in a tone that my teammates have never seen before. I even surprised myself with how I stood up and defended myself and the other newer members.

Confronting my teammate was not something I would have done when I first joined the team. In fact, speaking out wasn’t something I had the confidence to do. In 9th grade Earth Science I would never raise my hand to answer a question to identify the type of rock as limestone, afraid of the possible embarrassment of getting it wrong. Even when I was sure of the answer, the anxiety of projecting my voice was lingering in my thoughts. It got to the point where my grades started to slip for not only low-class
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Freshman year I had found a good group of friends that I felt comfortable around. I was building a lot of social confidence; I was determined to get that same confidence in the classroom. I had the mindset of putting my education before hanging out with friends. Speaking up in the classroom started to become more natural to me. I discovered I was good at mastering small details and became intrigued by specific topics like the creation of the United States Federal Reserve. Though I still am rarely the first to jump into a conversation in the classroom, I always look for opportunities to display the intellect I kept silent for so

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