College Admissions Essay: Procrastination Can Lead To Success

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High schoolers are known to be overwhelmed and pressured by schoolwork, parents, sports, and extracurricular activities. We spend seven hours a day at school, proceed to do 3.5 hours of homework on average, and many of us end the day with sports practices. With crammed schedules it is no surprise that many of us decide to put certain assignments off until the very last minute. I am (not) proud to say that I am part of an exclusive procrastination club that operates 24/7. Through my secondary school years I have grown to be more independent; however, this came at a great consequence of having to constantly remind myself to have a strong sense of motivation and stay on top of assignments. Although procrastination may not be a trait many wish to have, I believe it is a fine art and when handled correctly, can still lead to success. When I was younger I had a daily routine that I followed…show more content…
Instead of starting my homework immediately after arriving at home, I decide to grab a snack and lay outside on the hammock to scroll through Buzzfeed quizzes and catch up on watching soccer highlights from the games this past weekend. Before I know it, one hour has already passed, the sun is starting to set, and not one pencil mark has been made on any piece of homework. Knowing I work well under pressure and will get things done faster, ironically, when I have time chasing me, I decide to give myself more rest time because of “how stressful the school day was.” This is teenager code language for: “Wow, who knew I could finish three assignments during Mustang Block and Math class?” Finally after a lot of thoughtful consideration, I decide that it is best for me to start my homework unless I want to stay up until midnight, again, to just deprive myself of
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