College Admissions Essay: Remember I Say, Smile Today

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Remember I Say, Smile Today At a mere age of ten, seeing trees and mountains pass by through the window of a speeding car. Sitting in the back of the van with the radio blaring and yelling of four other kids. A mix of emotions, happy, sad, excited. We were moving to North Carolina. That was six short years ago. It wasn’t until I turned 15 that I realized, my life is flying by. I had just been in the fifth grade in a very small school. I was excited to explore what else this big world had to offer. I had known I loved the mountains. I was very excited to meet new people and live in a different climate. Over all I loved the idea. At sixteen, now in the Early College, I’ve realized what i’m missing. I’ve realized, I don’t have my older cousins anymore. I left them in Ohio. I don’t have anyone who knows the memories and fun times we had. I had to make all new memories. Suddenly it wasn’t all fun and games. I’ve grown up and so have my…show more content…
All those years ago in Kindergarten when I was six I still remember. I remember the first sleepover at my cousin Eden’s house. I was pacing and wanted to be alone with her and her little sister. She, much larger than I, would comfort me by playing games with me. Now after all those years, I’d want to go over there all the time. Every weekend I was over there. I can remember what we did for fun, when we got our first phones. I miss my cousin.
The first friends I made went to church with me. Then I realized we went to school together also. I liked her, but sadly we split ways also. I went to the Early College, she went to the high school. I enjoyed the days we spent together in middle school. I made more friends and spent the summer with them. Before I knew it, I got a call from my older cousin, saying he was in the Air Force, and was moving to Montana. Tears streamed down my face, for he was an older brother to me. I was going to miss him the
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