College Admissions Essay: Rising Tide

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Rising Tide A river has the opportunity to lead to great things; even though, each one begins the same way with a fresh spring. It then, pools into a body of water, and starts flowing. It will keep gaining speed, as it continues to travel downstream until it reaches a lake or an ocean. A river is just like me; I have a spring at my home, a life that is gaining speed, and I have ended up at the great Lake Michigan. My ripples start in the middle of nowhere, in between two towns: Westfield and Coloma, Wisconsin. I lived on 23 acres of land, which is filled with a corn field, a swamp, a ton of wooded land, and, of course, a river across the street. My family consists of my mom, my dad, my brother, and a few family dogs. This home and my family are the sandy bottom of my river and the base that has formed my route. They have thought me the ethics and morals that I follow each day and have formed me into the strong, kind, smart, and fun-loving lady that I am today. As I grew, my life took some bends, just like a river. Each bend represents a great interest or…show more content…
I headed downstream where the current lead me to Lake Michigan, where I found a college nestled in between two ponds and a river. During my last three years at Lakeland College (University), I have studied, worked, lead groups and made friends. Lakeland has started to pool my river, and has transformed my future into a wide lake with infinite directions I may flow. I no longer have the narrow river banks guiding my life because the unpredictable tide is rising, and I am not sure where it will take me. A river is strong and can lead to great things. However, a river can sometimes be unpredictable, like my future, I do not know which way it will bend next. However, with each bend, I will become more unique, continue flowing forward with every push of the river, and I will never stray too far from the path because I have my sandy bottom to guide
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