College Admissions Essay: Seven Years Into My Life

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Seven years into my life, our mother brought us from the comfort of our beds into the living room and told us that our life was going to change. This point in time opened an unforeseen perspective where everyone in this world has a different a background, family, and culture that lays out the foundation for life. Fortunately, my upcoming was strengthened by a tough, guiding, Hispanic community which helped me develop into the person I am today and overcome my substantial hardship; nevertheless, providing support to others in similar situations would be a wishful thought come true.
Fatherless, growing up as a child wasn’t a breeze; his absence left a major dent in my life. At eight years old, independence was a lifestyle I’d have to grow accustomed
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It all started with a family of 5 living in a compact house in Laredo - a border town south of Texas. Living in a border city neighboring Mexico, loving, heartwarming Hispanic culture surrounded my upbringing; A childhood I would never exchange for anything. The Hispanic community teaches to see the bright side of things and not dwell on the past; therefore, I carried on with my life to assemble the present and future for the better. Being raised by a single parent, my mom, and having one source of income, would remind my brother, sisters and I to always excel in school for it will provide knowledge, a career, and an overall benefit for us in the long run. A long, stressful day during my Junior year in High School after we were presented all the requirements we had to achieve to get into some of our dream schools and at the time being I still was immensely indecisive on where I wanted to attend since I didn’t meet the requirements for a particular school; therefore, I asked for my mom’s opinion on what to do. My mother said, “give in, to what you want to get out” which meant for me to give it my all in anything I do, my dedication and time for I will receive the results I want. Her words have had a crucial role in my life which I apply to my daily tasks and have stuck with me ever since. That being said, I was and still highly motivated to achieve in school.
My immediate family and especially my loving
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