College Admissions Essay: Standing Up In High School

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Standing Up
The best kind of friendship are the ones where you aren’t afraid or embarrassed doing anything in front of them. You don’t feel like you would get judged or you could say anything without hesitation. I had that friendship for a while, for years actually. All my memories were filled with laughs and smiles when it came to her.
Sophomore year, all of that changed. Madison and I decided it would be fun if we took dance class together and so we did. The time came around where we had to create an intro and outro to the dance swing and perform it. We tried to choreograph during class, but she always got distracted by other people and it didn’t bother me that much until it came down to the day before the performance and we still had nothing.
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Everything was good and I went along with my day, but as the day started to pass I started to worry. 11 o’clock rolled around and I haven’t heard or received anything from her. Naturally I began to worry. I tend to overreact and over think everything, I think of the worst possible outcome, so that’s exactly what I did. I started stressing not only because my grade was at stake, but also because I already have enough anxiety going out in front of people, but going out there to perform a dance I had only a few hours to practice and that didn’t fly with me. My stress level was through the roof and I started getting upset. I paced my bedroom floor, tears flowing like a river and my breathing increased rapidly. My insides felt like they were closing in on me and it was getting harder to breathe. I couldn’t think straight and couldn’t understand why she didn’t text me back even after the multiple texts I sent her. Eventually after what seemed like forever, I received a text from Madison with a video attachment. I felt a sense of relief rush through my body like the wind brushing through your hair. In the back of my head, I had this voice telling me that I’ll never have enough time to learn it…show more content…
Every time I told her something that was important to me she would simply tell me she doesn’t care. We started drifting apart, it came to the point where I didn’t even want to talk when she was around because I was too afraid she was going to say something to me. People would tell Madison that I acted differently when she wasn’t around, I would actually talk and laugh. She questioned me about it and I didn’t know how to answer so I just said I didn’t know. Eventually the only time she talked to me was when she needed something, as in the homework she never did. I started to feel used, but I hid that from everyone. I don’t know why, but she always had to one-up me and I always stayed loyal to her. It was like I was on a leash, I couldn’t get away from her. It’s not that I wanted to get away, it’s the fact that I could never stand up for myself and say no. I was weaker than her and she took advantage of that. School started coming to an end and she decided that she wanted to move back to Florida for her final years of high school. This is when she started to crawl back into my life, easing her way in because I’m a constantly open gate. I let it all happen, because I’m not that person. I won’t do you the way you did me. I’m too nice. She never changed completely, she still had a terrible attitude, but I think she didn’t want to leave our friendship on lousy terms. I didn’t want
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