College Admissions Essay: The Adventure That Changed My Life

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Growing up has been an adventure for me, being raised in a family that cares and loves each other I have been taught the importance that one can create for another. From vacations around the world to community services around the city my family and I have experienced it together. I have been raised by a Mexican mother where the cultural values are different from the traditional American lifestyle, in where she lets me stay on a longer leash unlike the helicopter parents that my friends had growing up. This made me to stay on top of things without being asked to, or looking after my own grades and missing assignments. When it came to manners, that was a completely different story. Both my parents heavily reinforced the need of being polite,…show more content…
I have been able to see myself in a clearer lense as I mature knowing both sides of many things, my less privileged cousins from a different country or my rich uncle and his business I fall into a place where I see myself capable of giving rather than receiving. Although there are things that I have had to overcome that shaped me more into the individual that I am today like everyone I have lost a loved one, I have had the worst day of my life, I have had a time where I cried all day, but I won't use it as an excuse for my failures but rather the keys to my success by benefiting me as an overall individual and trying to make others around me better as well. My mother has taught me how to be me by knowing the importance of personality my father has showed me how to dream by becoming a leader in the business world and my sister has paved a way to succeed by her hard worked studies at the University of Austin, but the next step to my adventure
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