College Admissions Essay: The Best Part Of My Life

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My life has been a roller coaster ride with ups and down, but the best part is that I never gave up and relentlessly struggled through the numerous vicissitudes.Life has been through the phase of dusty piles due to my socioeconomic status and my empirical approach towards complexities has not been without fruit, but even getting up in the first place has been my victory.

A journey of hindrances started from the time I was born at home: a government allocated house made in the 1950s with only two bedrooms, where drops of water used to ooze out from the walls during the time of heavy rainfall. My mother had to fulfill conjugal roles, so she was different from a typical housewife with segregated tasks. She had to perform her job as well as take care of my childhood duties.
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Such a small quarter places a great distraction in my studies especially due to the accommodation problem.Whenever I am working, a family member or a guest in the house will enter to take any of his possessions or stay in the room due to the space issue. My focus is constantly at stake in this respect. But the best part of my life is my ability to remain devoted and committed to my studies irrespective of all these interruptions. I have found other alternatives to my study routine. For example, I study during nights in one chamber when the other members of the family are sleeping. I have never allowed my personal circumstances to affect my academic performances and always ended up getting the highest grades in my class. I have seen a majority of people unable to cope with such situations and give up their ambitions, but this is not true in my
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