College Admissions Essay: The Existence Of God

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I have always considered myself to be someone who is bright, talented, and a poor judge of my own qualities. According to my father, a man who I admire greatly, I am mistaken about at least two of the above-mentioned attributes. In reality, I frequently push my best efforts for the night before an assignment’s final due date, and I always make sure to have a few razor-sharp excuses hidden up my sleeves at any given moment. I am opening this essay like this intending to have my esteemed reader(s) know that I am not someone who wants to sell a façade to you. Despite those struggles that I admittedly possess, in all legitimacy, God has been helping me work through my propensity for procrastination and a general attitude of academic coasting.
At my current school, Fork Union Military Academy, the academic environment lends itself to coasting. I have gone through some of my high school classes like a hot knife through
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I pray that God will provide me with a setting in which I can explore the far reaches of the knowledge of His goodness. I need a place that provides no other option but to learn. I need a program will give me everything I need to be a champion for Christ inside classrooms and on mission fields. I believe that this Honors Program is set to deliver that.
Thank you for reading all the way to this sentence. I haven’t made it easy for an intelligent man or woman to sit through this rambling, but I earnestly hope that there is enough overlain cohesiveness to drive the message I was trying to convey: I really believe that I have so much to gain from being a part of Liberty’s Honors Program. My prayer is that I might be considered for this competitive program, in hopes that God will use the experience to further my
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