College Admissions Essay: The Figment Of A Father

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The Figment of a Father I was indeed a victim of childhood ignorance. It was an invisible ailment, a disease I did not realize I was suffering from until the facts of life finally cured me. People claim that ignorance equates to bliss, and maybe that statement holds some truth, but my memories disagree. I remember a little girl that believed in so much, until one day she reached a point where she struggled in finding the trust to believe in anything at all. My father lived in a fairly small apartment. Of course as a child small things always appear a little bit grander. I shared a bedroom with my older brother; however, that term somewhat exaggerates its appearance since it included no beds. Instead we slept upon two mattresses on the ground. A situation that to a little girl basically means a slumber party. Responsibilities rarely existed at his apartment. He almost never compelled us to sleep at a certain time, finish our…show more content…
Just like me, his apologies were empty. A place in my heart left hollow, ripped out by the poisonous syllables that pounced out of his mouth. Everything changed that night. I truly thought I loved my father, but I only loved a figment of him. I loved the fantasy created in my head. That night poisoned every memory that included my father’s presence. Or maybe that night cleansed the memories of my ignorance? I suppose it depends on your perspective. That night I realized the meaning of a broken home because something in me broke. I understand why my mom and brother shielded me from the truth about my father, but I think their protection made the outcome worse. They let him deceive me into loving him, into trusting him, into respecting him. Loving him blinded me. My brother and I participated in all those fun things due to my father’s irresponsible actions and the fact that he often wound up too deep in a bottle to discipline us, not because of his cool parenting style. None of his actions earned him the title of a
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