College Admissions Essay-The Generation Of Virtues

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The Generation of Virtues It is acknowledged that “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself ” (Leo Tolstoy). While many have adequate ideas on how to solve worldly problems, my proposition is for our generation to reflect on ourselves and reshape our hearts so that what we do is out of love and for the benefit of others. It may be challenging, but nevertheless, finding change in ourselves is indispensable to finding change in the world. So, for us to achieve this reforming of our psyche, we must retain these cathartic virtues: patience, empathy, and selflessness. One the biggest virtues that in this age and country we are lacking is patience, and coincidentally, that is what needs to be our first step to reshaping the world. We, the generation of Millennials, were bred and raised to be quick to judge, from liking a post on Instagram to deciding whether to participate in the newest…show more content…
Think of a parent who gives up sleep, energy, and probably his or her life, if necessary, for the child. If as a community of people we can achieve that self denial for each other, change would be limitless. Being selfless is not about stripping away any of one’s own dignity and worth. In contrast, it is about recognizing that there is dignity and worth in every single person. To be selfless, one must learn to put others needs first over one’s pride or desires. Also, one should use selflessness to practice charity because “doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves” (Horace Mann). Using selflessness, we can learn to seek true charity. This is when one has sincere concern for the well-being of others and strives to help, not relating to his or her own self-righteousness in doing those deeds. Charity is the rightful duty of everyone, and our generation can start giving back now by giving up hours to volunteer at that local soup kitchen or donating old clothes to the Salvation
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