College Admissions Essay: The Hard Way Of Life

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I don't want to finish this book. The harder school gets for him the harder it gets to read. I can't stand him being lonely I remember the feeling. there was that this time in my life when I was incredibly lonely and sad. I just keep reliving it through him and it just makes my heart heavy. When I first laid eyes on you I didn't really have a lot of thoughts. All I remember was thinking you must be in your twenties that is until justin told me you were a freshman then The subject turned to something else. You really didn't talk much. I understand why you wouldn’t want to get attached. To people and I may be jumping around a bit because I doubt the first time you looked at me you gave me a second glance I was in band uniform for god sakes. I just mean in general I feel like now you are attached to me and I you. I do think there are still things in our relationship that we haven't experienced yet. I'm not meaning getting married or an of that I mean we haven't even had a fight yet. Maybe we wount. I argue about everything I'm surprised that we don't fight. I feel like I…show more content…
I use to sit in my room alot and listen to music. I don't know if i want to be a teacher because sometimes I really enjoy this whole writing thing. I mean I can't be terrible at it although I could be better. I guess that it's pretty dumb to say that because everything can be improved but nothing can be perfect. I am trying really hard to understand this. But the thing of it is is i can say all of this but still try and stress because things aren't perfect. I can't get it into my head. Sometimes I look up famous people and just read the biographies all the things that they have went through I have never read one that something tragic didn't happen. Maybe I am very lucky to have all these awful things to happen to me maybe they make me who I am. I don't have a problem who I am anymore. I hate what I have done. But I didn’t understand what I was
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