College Admissions Essay: The Influence Of Doing My Best

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Have you ever dropped a pebble in a pond and watched the water ripple outward from the center for what seems like an eternity? It is fascinating how one seemingly insignificant pebble can have an enormous effect on such a large expanse of water. Through my life experiences, I came to the realization that everything I do has an effect on others in some way either positively or negatively. Every person that I come into contact with, on any given day, is affected by me. Even a simple gesture such as a smile, holding the door open for someone, or a kind word could change that person’s day for the better. Doing my best can positively affect others, and can in turn, inspire them to do their best. Consequently, they may pass on their best effort to…show more content…
Last summer, I volunteered for a program called “Acts of Kindness” where I lead a group of elementary students performing service work. One of my most memorable days occurred when we visited Linden Grove Retirement community where we worked and had fun with residents who lived there. We brought drums and acoustic guitars to play music with the retirees and joined in on their card games. Afterward, our team swept, cleaned, pulled weeds and washed the employee’s cars. We were told by one of the employees that we had improved their day ten-fold. The elderly residents thanked us for one of the best days they have had in awhile. It made us all feel so happy and gratified that we could affect those people in such a positive way.
I have learned that it is important to be aware of how my actions affect others in my life. By being my best in school and volunteering in my community, I have witnessed the subsequent positive results. If being my best drops a pebble in water that can make huge ripples of positivity in others and bring out their best, then imagine what the world could be like if everyone dropped a pebble of their best effort into the
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