College Admissions Essay: The Integral Part Of My Life

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Going through adversity is one of the toughest things anyone can do. But, feeling like you are going through it alone is a completely different animal. I’m sitting in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Chicago, and studying advertising at one of the top institutions in the country, DePaul University. Yet, despite all the effort, and years of hard work it took me to get to this moment, all I can think about is one cliché line I heard in a song awhile back, “home is where the heart is.” Years from now I know that I will be able to look back at this moment and say that I got through this tough time, and I became a better version of myself. But for now, all I can do is stay patient and keep lacing up my walking shoes. Three years ago, at the young naïve age of 18, the only thing I wanted was to get out of Colorado and be on my own. At that time I was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, and I never accepted it as my own. I wasn’t happy, nor was I able to fuel my creative outlet, which is an essential part of my identity. So after my freshman…show more content…
Recently, The University of Denver has shined some light back into my life and has provided me hope that everything will be okay in the end, because DU is a top institution that will be allow me to continue to feed that drive for success in both my education and career path. But, it will also allow me to do one more thing that has now become the most critically important thing in my life, be with my family. DU has already provided me with so much excitement and hope for the future, and the thought of being accepted truly helps me find my happiness once again. It represents more to me than a top institution, it’s hope, it’s faith, it’s light, and it’s the chance for me to be home, which is exactly where my heart wants to
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