College Admissions Essay: The Labels Of My Life

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There have been labels placed upon me throughout my life. Some have stayed with me while others have dropped off. Without these labels ruling how people see me I feel like I would be more free to do things than I am now.
Throughout my life many labels others have placed on me. From birth I was the eldest child so I was supposedly very responsible while my sister was younger, and even more responsible than I am. I was born into a family considered middle class, so this affected how my future was. As I got older wealth became even more noticeable because others judged me and put the label of poor on me because I didn’t have name brand cloths or the latest shoes. My parents worked in a factory so we got the label of working class family.
Currently I work in the fast food industry so people put the label on me that I am some dumb, high schooler with no future and no college degree. When I first moved into the neighborhood that I lived at now my neighbors thought that I am an undercover cop or something because they labeled me as a white woman in a predominantly black area.
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Sadly, because of my apparent age I have received the label of a teen mom because I look like a teenager with a child or that my child is my sister. Also, as a mother I am this nurturing person who is to always be there for her family. I am a wife so I am must also do a house cleaner’s job and the family cook.
Without these labels I really am not sure what I would be. In many ways these labels are what make up who I am. Sure I would be happy to lose a few of the labels like no brains pizza worker, but really I would not want to lose some of the labels like being a mother or a college student.
In the end, labels can have good or bad things to them. From early on in life I have received many labels. Even in today’s time I continue to receive labels. Even with these labels I am not sure where I would be without them, for they make up who I
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