College Admissions Essay: The Last 7 Years Of My Life

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The first seven years of my life I had a great group of friends who loved me dearly. I went to a great school, and I had a very loving family. What I did not know is that my life would change in the blink of an eye. While I sat in my desk first grade year, the intercom came on and the lady said, “ Breanna Fair needs to check out.” When my family got home, I saw boxes packed with my family’s belongings. I wandered down the halls of Andalusia Elementary School and there were many thoughts running through my mind. What’s happening?Why did we move?Will I make a lot of new friends? At first I felt scared, but now I have attended Andalusia for almost twelve years and I could not be happier with the group of friends I have and the accomplishments…show more content…
Most of them asked me what grade I would be in, and when I told them they asked would I be going to college after I graduate. After telling them my plans after high school, they told me to stay focused on school and that I would meet my goal.
I am now a Senior and I could not be more proud of myself for the accomplishments I have made and I could not have done it without the encouragement from my family. At the end my Junior year, I got inducted into the National Honors Society , I joined FCCLA, and I became a part of the Anchor Club. After I graduate high school, I plan to go to the University of Montevallo to study Early Childhood Education because, like my teachers and my family, I want to teach kids that they can accomplish a lot if he or she put their minds to it.
As I look back in the past, I could not be happier with the decision of moving because I wouldn't have the great group of friends I have now. I also couldn't think my parents, family, friends, and church members who influenced me for the seventeen years of my life. They gave me the encouragement to continue to work hard even if life got rough. I couldn't be happier to start college next Fall and see what great things are going to happen in my
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