College Admissions Essay: The Limitations Of My Life

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My thick coiled curls covered the taped frames of my crooked glasses as I slouched in the seat of my wooden desk. I anxiously scanned the room, heart racing, certain that my wrinkled hand-me-down clothes and my outdated book bag were the topic of the constant whispers and laughter that surrounded me. Like a visitor in a foreign country, I observed my new surroundings, assured that I did not belong. It was my first day in a new school and I had never felt so out of place. My mother desperately desired new opportunities that my previous poverty stricken environment did not encourage so we relocated to a middle class neighborhood. Because of my background, unfamiliar to my privileged peers, I feared that I did not fit in. This crippled me to believe that I could not achieve the same success in life as those with easier circumstances. Throughout my experiences, however, I have learned that many of the limitations we face in life are the ones that we impose on ourselves.…show more content…
The nights I went hungry to make sure my siblings were fed only fueled my desire to break the barriers that were associated with the poor socioeconomic status that I came from. Graduating high school was not expected of me, let alone attending college. This only motivated me to defy the odds and achieve what had never been done in my family before. I refused to let my finances or lack thereof limit me from being the first person in my family to attend college. I worked full time throughout my college career, and although shortly interrupted due to financial hardships, I overcame these obstacles and became the first person in my family to earn a
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