College Admissions Essay: The Love That Changed My Life

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During both my fourth and fifth grade years of elementary school, I participated in our math club that annually competed in the math pentathlon in Indianapolis. Although I had always enjoyed math in general, I never really understood how the concepts behind it could apply to real life. Becoming a part of this talented group of students and preparing for the competition by playing a variety of different logic-based puzzle games really allowed me to see math as well as the world in a new light. Through my experiences, I discovered a love of problem solving and a passion for finding logical solutions. I also uncovered an irreplaceable comradery with the rest of my team through working so hard together to become the best we could be. Math club and the many things I learned…show more content…
I struggled every so often, as everyone does, but for the most part I never really had to try. This all changed my junior year of high school when I decided to take physics at the honors level, which was notoriously one of the most difficult classes at our school. I assumed it would be easy for me anyway, but I was gravely mistaken. Although at first things seemed to be fairly basic, the first test gave me a rude awakening - it was the first truly bad grade I had ever gotten. At first I wanted to just give up; I wanted things to be easy like they had always been. Later, however, when I was doing practice problems to study for the next test, something other students usually dreaded, I realized that I was actually enjoying myself. I loved the challenge and euphoric rush of knowing that a got a difficult problem right. I want to be an engineer because I want to challenge myself every day and push myself to keep going even when things are not easy. I enjoy what I’m doing most when I go beyond what I think I am capable of, and as an engineer I will be able to experience that every
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