College Admissions Essay: The Sport Of Surfing

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As I looked backed at what seemed to be a decent sized wave, I started paddling with all my might, digging through the water, deeper and deeper. The wave came closer and I felt a push from my cousin as I caught the wave. “Stand up” my cousin yelled behind me as the monstrous wave began to swallow me up. I stood up, rode the wave all the way to the shore, and fell in love with the sport of surfing. Since that day, I have loved everything one could ever love about the sport: The salty water as it touched my body, the push of the wave as it stood me up on my smooth yet sticky board, and the exhilarating rush that I felt after every perfect ride. But not quite everything about the sport came easy to me, it took a long ride to find the love I have for the sport today. When I first started competitively surfing, I…show more content…
After much practice, I decided to join the high school surf team and compete in the high school events. As a freshman, it was very intimidating competing against older girls, but from many talks with my family, I learned to not worry about other girls and to focus on myself. The most important information I was given was not to do my best, but to have fun. With that in mind, I surfed my first high school competition and resulted with a second place. This was one of the most exciting, thrilling, and fun competitions I had ever been in, and I continue to compete in these kinds of competitions today. Surfing is an important sport to me, and though I have won several events and even took home the trophy for first place overall in both longboard and short board for SSS my sophomore and junior year, the accomplishments I have made in my surfing career are not what is most important to me about surfing, but the love for the sport and the fun I have every day that I do this sport, is what is most important to
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