College Admissions Essay: The Story So Far

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The Story So Far This forced me analyze my life thus far, to recognize my fears and what I hold dear. It’s only been sixteen (one month till seventeen) years in this carcass, but I already feel like an entire life has flown by. It was like a prerequisite of actually watching my life flash before my eyes. This project was nice to sit back and look at what a social mess I am (one of my most favorite pastimes). But also, only being sixteen, I don’t hold what many would believe to be true values, dreams, fears, and identity. Nevertheless, this is what I have so far. For my first symbol, I chose an antebellum two story house. It’s, quite literally (I apologize), my dream house. But, (this being a symbolism project) it represents much more: protection. My one goal for the future is to have a financially stable job that I am, hopefully, moderately to extremely happy with. The house represents that amount of wealth, having enough to give to charities, but also enough to live. Not only representing financial security, but a sense of belonging this house embodies a feeling of comfort. It’s my “fortress deep and mighty”, a place that I can go when life in the large, corporately run world is too much.
Many colleges have become the laughing stock of conservative
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However, I’m eager to learn and improve upon myself. Valuing intelligence may seem snooty, but (contrary to popular belief) I don’t judge a person on their GPA or grades. I believe, that at the root, we are all equals. As long as everyone continues to be born and die the same, no one is truly smarter than the other. I believe that the human mind is capable of extraordinary things, and through analyzing nature, we can grow intellectually as a species. Obviously, transcendentalism was my favorite subject last year in English. But, while I value intelligence, the mind is also a source of my largest
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