College Admissions Essay: The Value Of A College Education

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Growing up in a Mexican household in which the only fluent speaker of English, apart from my siblings, was me really showed me how much of an impact education can have. I know, that just how my English managed to help out my family, getting a college education will further help me to achieve even greater things. College education is well worth the time, money and energy because it paves the way for a prosperous future. Spending many years in college may seem like a tedious task, yet when looking at it in the long run it is very obvious that it will pay off. I know that going to college will guarantee that I will not have to live in the same manner that my grandparents and parents lived. I will not have to be up before the sun and work in…show more content…
It should be seen as an investment for the reason that without a college degree the amount of income that one can make greatly degrades. By putting in money for college one knows very well that what will be made due to the degree will pay off in not just what was invested but in an even greater quantity. Being able to make an investment like this, for me specifically, will set up my future and even that of my children to be drastically different. I know that investing my money towards college will mean that my children will not live as I did where “new” clothes meant hand-me-downs that came from either aunts or generous churches. Or where Christmas was mainly for the little ones because once you were around twelve you knew that your parents bought the gift that for them was an “excessive expense” so you would rather not ask for something. Similar to how the money input into college should be as an investment the energy used towards college should likewise be at the same mindset. The energy put into college will open a way to a greater future. If there is no energy going towards a college education it is almost certain that the way to prosperous future will not be there or will be extremely difficult to follow through
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