College Admissions Essay: Understanding Who I Am

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Understanding who I am and why I am here is a really hard concept for some. Not only is it hard to express through words, but it may be hard for some to hear. Not everybody is proud of the person they have become or want to recognize who they are. But I feel as if it is really important thing to put into perspective to self evaluate yourself and to make sure you are what you want to be. I have never really thought of who I am until today, but my goal is to try to make myself understand it as much as possible through five categories. I hope years later I can understand my way of doing life today and continue loving myself through times of despair and hardships. Physically, I am considered “small” by most. I am five foot three and have no problem seeing the world from here. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I am mostly in shape and am…show more content…
I do not have stellar grades or an amazing ACT score. I try my best in school but sometimes I lose motivation. Junior year has been the hardest for me mentally because I learned to challenge myself this year academically, But I believe your grades don’t define your intelligence, but how you make a difference and succeed for yourself is. I think I am pretty good at understanding information in my classes and display my intelligence throughout different areas. I am a strong student in math and display my intelligence musically. I play the piano and am teaching myself how to play the guitar. I believe my intelligence has been passed down considering I have smart grandparents and cousins. My intelligence is something I use as an advantage to help further myself mentally and emotionally. I believe the way you treat others and your attitude on life makes you a more or a less an intelligent person. I do my best to treat everyone around me with respect and view life as an opportunity to make a change. I feel like my positive view on life has helped me with school and battling life’s
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